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All-in-one mobile workforce management software made for businesses of any size.

Plan shifts & track attendance, manage operational checklists and audits, track issues, train your staff — all this & more on an easy-to-use, mobile app.

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Trusted by 1,000,000+ users and leading businesses across the globe
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Easy-to-use staff management software that tracks attendance

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    Track attendance by clocking in on the mobile app, with GPS, selfies, and other powerful features
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    Monitor late-comers and reduce absenteeism using our dashboard
  • Generate 1-click reports

Manage schedules at scale with an integrated workforce management app

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    Plot schedules by employee or shifts, with either a weekly or monthly calendar view
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    Manage schedules even if you’re not at your desk
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    Add and amend shift details from your mobile phones
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Report issues with automated workflows and dedicated message threads

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    Remove manual coordination work
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    Automate workflows and create unique threads for the right teams
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    Track end-to-end progress with updates and rich media attachments

Assign one-time or recurring tasks and manage compliance

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    Publish one-time or recurring tasks at a group or individual level
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    Save hours of admin-time, allowing your team to complete tasks, forms, or checklists digitally
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    Track completion status by using the dashboard
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Enhance employee performance and enable self-help learning

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    Train & upskill your staff anytime, anywhere, right on their mobile phones
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    Build mobile-friendly and bite-sized learning content by using videos, images, audio notes, and even quizzes
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    Save hours of training time by allowing your workforce to access a dedicated knowledge center

Why you will love KNOW

"KNOW is a very useful app for daily operations. It helps in closing the communication gap between backend and frontend in order to expedite issue-solving. It has greatly improved our operations efficiency, productivity — and most importantly, the digitization of our processes."

Senior Operations,
Franck Muller

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