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An Employee scheduling app to help you create staff rosters in minutes

Manage shift scheduling for as many locations as you want. Track work shifts and attendance with just a click of a button.

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Trusted by 1,000,000+ users and leading businesses across the globe
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Employee scheduling software that’s mobile-friendly

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    Assign shifts to your team directly from your mobile phone
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    Send automated notifications on shift timings and last-minute changes instantly
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    No more scrambling through spreadsheets and chats to track staff schedules

Easy-to-use staff scheduling software to manages last-minute vacancy

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    Last-minute dropouts from a shift? Don't scramble to fill sudden vacancies
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    Push out notifications directly to your employees’ mobile phones
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    Allow staff to easily sign up for vacant shifts
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Shift Scheduling Screengrab

Eliminate late-arrivals and no-shows with our shift scheduling software

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    Send automated notifications on upcoming shifts and reminders to clock in
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    Get a live view of late-comers and no-shows on our dashboard
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    Track attendance and reduce absenteeism effortlessly

Workforce scheduling tool that makes reporting easy

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    Generate weekly or monthly reports instantly
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    Filter attendance and shifts by location or department and track at a glance
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    Manage absenteeism and ensure compliance at scale
Shifts Report Dashboard
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Employee Time Tracking made easy

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    Easy mobile phone clock in & clock out with GPS tracking
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    Manage secure identity verification with real-time selfies
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    No more smudged fingerprint readers

Why you will love KNOW

"Good tool for our retail operations like scheduling and rostering. Employees can get "live” updates of their shifts via their mobile phones. User interface is simple and easy on the mobile application.

HR & Capability Manager,
Enviably Me (Melissa)

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Question 1

What is an employee scheduling app?

An employee scheduling app like KNOW helps businesses simplify the process of creating and managing work schedules for their staff. It automates the scheduling process, allowing employers to assign shifts, manage availability, and ensure proper coverage for different tasks and time periods.

Question 2

How does an employee scheduling app work?

KNOW helps you manage shift planning across multiple locations using a mobile-friendly interface. Managers can input employee availability, define shift durations, and assign employees to specific shifts. KNOW also offers features like automated conflict detection, real-time updates, and notifications to simplify the scheduling process.

Question 3

What are the benefits of using an employee scheduling app?

An employee scheduling app like KNOW offers numerous benefits that enhance scheduling efficiency:

  • Time savings
    KNOW automates scheduling tasks, resulting in substantial time savings for managers compared to manual methods.
  • Improved accuracy
    KNOW reduces errors in scheduling, effectively preventing conflicts and overlapping shifts.
  • Enhanced communication
    Through KNOW, employees can receive schedule updates and notifications, facilitating better communication between managers and staff.
  • Better labor cost management:
    KNOW optimizes scheduling to minimize labor costs by avoiding unnecessary overtime or understaffing.
  • Increased employee satisfaction:
    Well-managed and transparent schedules promote employee satisfaction by ensuring fair and clear shift assignments.
Question 4

Can an employee scheduling app handle complex scheduling needs?

Certainly! From managing multiple locations and departments to accommodating varying shifts and employee availability preferences, KNOW is designed to meet your most intricate scheduling requirements.

Question 5

Can employees access their schedules through the mobile app?

Absolutely! With KNOW, your staff can conveniently view their assigned shifts, receive timely notifications for any updates or changes, communicate their availability, request time off, and even clock in for their shifts. This seamless access from their mobile phones fosters enhanced communication, empowers employees to stay informed, and promotes active engagement with their schedules.