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A modern mobile-first training platform for your frontline workforce

Empower your teams with skills & knowledge. Create interactive, bite-sized courses accessible anytime, anywhere. Personalize learning journeys, conduct assessments, and ensure every employee succeeds!

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Trusted by 1,000,000+ users and leading businesses across the globe
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Automate employee onboarding journeys

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    Personalize learning journeys for new hires automatically
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    Deliver targeted training at each stage to maximize the value of learning
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    Track progress and intervene when needed

Create interactive, bite-sized courses with multimedia content

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    Engage learners with captivating videos, images, GIFs, text, and more
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    Organize content into courses, lessons, and cards for easy comprehension
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    Enhance your content with infographics, explainer videos, manuals, and SCORM packages
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Conduct knowledge checks and interactive assessments

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    Test knowledge or coach your staff in a Socratic method
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    Set up assessments with multiple question types - MCQs, hotspots, exercises, etc.
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    Customize settings for attempts, time limits, and more

Leverage rich analytics for improved learning outcomes

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    Access comprehensive analytics on completion, progress, engagement, and performance
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    Use insights to optimize content, boost completion rates, and business metrics
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    Identify areas for employee support and offer timely refresher courses
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    Gamify learning with contests and leaderboards
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Access the entire company's knowledge bank on the go

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    Digitize knowledge resources as easily accessible "Guides"
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    Store troubleshooting manuals, vendor contacts, HR policies, and more
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    Categorize information for quick retrieval
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    Maintain an up-to-date knowledge repository like an "intranet"

Train multilingual teams in their languages

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    We love diversity, just like you do
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    Administer courses in multiple languages to cater to diverse teams
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    Allow staff to choose their preferred language for training
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Why you will love KNOW

“KNOW allows us to train all of our staff at any place, any time. It has made communication so much easier..."

AVP, HR, Vitakids 
AVP, HR, Vitakids 

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Question 1

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

An LMS like KNOW is a training platform that allows organizations to deliver, manage, and track learning and training programs. It provides a mobile-first virtual learning environment where organizations can create, deliver, and track educational content, courses, and assessments for their employees.

Question 2

What are the benefits of using an LMS for my organization?

An LMS like KNOW offers numerous benefits to organizations, including:

  • Centralized Training Management
    KNOW provides a unified platform to manage all training activities, from course creation and scheduling to tracking and reporting.
  • Scalability
    Organizations can effortlessly expand their training efforts to accommodate a growing workforce and deliver training at multiple locations.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    By eliminating the need for physical training materials and in-person trainers, KNOW significantly reduces training costs.
  • Accessibility
    Employees enjoy 24/7 access to training materials, enabling flexible and self-paced learning from any location.
  • Performance Tracking
    Organizations can easily track employee progress, completion rates, and assessment scores, gaining valuable insights to evaluate the effectiveness of their training programs.
Question 3

Can an LMS support different types of learning content?

Absolutely! With KNOW, you have a wide range of options for learning content. You can create interactive courses with engaging videos, presentations, quizzes, simulations, and more. Additionally, you can easily distribute and manage training documents, assessments, and videos to create dynamic and effective learning experiences.

Question 4

How does KNOW track employee progress and performance?

KNOW offers comprehensive tracking capabilities that go beyond traditional methods. It captures and monitors various aspects such as completion status, assessment and quiz scores, time spent on learning activities, and generates detailed progress reports. These insights provide organizations with valuable information about learner engagement, training effectiveness, and areas for improvement.

Question 5

How can an LMS help with employee onboarding and continuous learning?

KNOW helps streamline employee onboarding by providing a centralized platform for delivering onboarding materials, policies, and training. It enables organizations to create structured onboarding programs, track new hires' progress, and ensure a consistent and effective onboarding experience. Additionally, KNOW supports continuous learning by allowing organizations to create a repository of training resources and courses for employees to access anytime, anywhere.