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A checklist app that helps you modernize your workplace operations

Manage all your daily operational checklists with just a few taps on your mobile phone. Never fail an audit.  Eliminate manual paperwork and prevent non-compliance.

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Trusted by 1,000,000+ users and leading businesses across the globe
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A checklist software that digitizes all your operational processes

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    Manage all your checklists like equipment checks and store opening & closing checklists like clockwork
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    Fill up and submit checklists without internet connection; automatically syncs with internet connectivity
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    Digitize all your checklists and operations in minutes

Schedule recurring checklist notifications and get automated reminders

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    Easily manage all your checklists, inspections, and maintenance checks
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    Set up recurring checklists get reminders at the same time every day, weekly, or monthly
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    Receive automated alerts directly on your mobile device
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Digital Forms Compliance Dashboard

Track compliance at scale with our Checklist dashboard

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    Track completion rates and manage compliance
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    View the number of people the checklists have been shared with, how many have completed it, and timestamps of the latest response
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    Generate reports easily from the web dashboard

Checklist app for business operations

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    Create highly customizable checklists according to your business needs
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    Unlimited number of fields and questions
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    Get more data with pictures, videos, signatures, QR codes, timestamps, and GPS tracking
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Why you will love KNOW

"KNOW is a great app for managing communication, process management, and training. Digital forms are a great tool to digitize paperwork dynamically. In a world where data is the new 'oil', KNOW is an engine par excellence to drive productivity forward!"

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