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Your digital store operations assistant

KNOW helps retailers like you save time, manage your labor shortage, and ensure seamless day-to-day operations without pain.

Play Video ButtonWatch Watson's Award-Winning HR Transformation with KNOW.
Watch Watson's Award-Winning 
HR Transformation with KNOW."

Watch Watson's Award-Winning HR Transformation with KNOW.

Trusted by 1,000,000+ users and leading brands across the globe


Users across the globe


Increase in productivity


Increase in employee engagement

Manage all your store operations without the usual chaos

Everything you need from opening to closing - all in one place.
Get rid of text messages, manual paperwork, and messy spreadsheets.

Before KNOW

  • Juggling 5 different tools
  • Stacks of paper, lots of text messages
  • Anxiety about internal SOP compliance and store performance
  • Lots of manual checks and staff running out of time


  • One tool for scheduling, marketing communications, maintenance, training, employee engagement
  • Digital store audits, checklists, reports - with one click retrieval
  • Instant visibility on store-level compliance and feedback
  • Staff shortage is not a worry because KNOW, knows

Manage all your outlets with ease

Manage and/or delegate staff scheduling, onboarding training, communications, checklists, store audits and more across all outlets from one place

Onboarding and employee training

Program custom learning journeys for your new hires with bite sized content. Give them access to company's knowledge base anytime, anywhere

Checklists - of all kinds

Easily manage complete opening / closing checklists, and log daily sales and operational metrics

Audits and compliance

Visual merchandizing, store decor, management visits, fire safety, staff grooming - you name it, you can digitize it

Manage full timer and part timer scheduling & attendance

KNOW when your staff are available to work, plan their work schedules and track their attendance

Faults, maintenance & incident resolution

Report, track, and resolve equipment faults, repair, inventory and IT issues in no time
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Staff and marketing communications

Share brand / store launches, marketing calendars, promotion details, and company policies - empower all frontline staff with knowledge
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Empower your staff to sell more, and sell better

  • ''
    Train every staff through a mobile-based onboarding so that they are effective right from Day 1
  • ''
    Collate all best-practices that staff can refer to for all their questions
  • ''
    Make all marketing and promotion material available securely in staff mobile phones
  • ''
    Provide continuous coaching via engaging courses with quizzes and assessments in multiple formats

Ensure 100% adherence to brand and merchandizing guidelines

  • ''
    Digitize product display and visual merchandizing checklists
  • ''
    Track store's compliance by collecting real photographs and videos
  • ''
    Set up digital store visits and audit sheets for management and brand teams
  • ''
    Generate reports, and close observations fast and easy
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Easily manage SOPs, shift handovers, and daily reports

  • ''
    Digitize store opening and closing checklists, incoming inventory checks, sales data collection, and other daily tasks
  • ''
    Track compliance of routines at different stores in one place
  • ''
    Create multi-level forms for approvals or handovers
  • ''
    Generate reports from the web dashboard without having to hunt for stacks of paper

Know and solve all your day-to-day store issues

  • ''
    Capture and track facility repairs, customer incidents, and even IT issues in one single place
  • ''
    Automatically alert the right groups for each type of issue, and track progress with real-time updates
  • ''
    Supports photos, videos, and even documents to make resolving the issue faster even remotely
  • ''
    Share reports easily with third-party vendors
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No more staff scheduling chaos

  • ''
    Plan and notify your staff about their shifts directly on their mobile phone
  • ''
    Send automated reminders on shift timings, last-minute changes, etc. to avoid no-shows and tardiness
  • ''
    Fill up last-minute vacancies automatically using our advanced "open shifts" feature

Eliminate timesheet mistakes

  • ''
    Mobile phone clock-in/out for everyone: store staff, managers, 3rd party promoters, security, housekeeping and more
  • ''
    Supports GPS-location, selfie photos, QR-codes, and even facial recognition if needed for reliability and to prevent proxies
  • ''
    Generate 1-click timesheet reports anytime from our dashboard
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We kept it super simple. We know your pain.

"Good tool for our retail operations like scheduling and rostering. Employees can get "live” updates of their shifts via their mobile phones. User interface is simple and easy on the mobile application."

HR & Capability Manager,
Enviably Me (Melissa)

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