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Simple workflow app designed to make tasks easier for your workforce

Create standardized workflows so your team knows exactly what to do and when. Get real-time updates of progress and generate reports in minutes.

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Trusted by 1,000,000+ users and leading businesses across the globe
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Workflow management software that helps you track progress in real-time

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    Assign workflows easily and get updates of progress in real-time
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    Get a quick summary view on the dashboard and manage tasks at scale
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    Easily track what tasks are still in progress, overdue, and which have been completed

Best workflow software to streamline tasks & communication

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    Complete tasks assigned on the app anytime and anywhere
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    Organize communication with unique message threads for each task
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    Notify the right people, get help quickly and avoid unnecessary delays
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Get things done even while offline with our workflow automation software

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    Complete tasks and share updates on the app anytime and anywhere
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    Complete tasks even with no internet connection
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    Syncs automatically once connected again

Customize workflows at an individual or group level

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    Choose to assign workflows at an individual or a group level
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    Customize workflows according to your operational needs
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    Manage workflows at scale easily from the dashboard
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Update and report on tasks with rich media attachments

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    Leave no room for doubt with attachments as evidence
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    Attach pictures, videos, audio files as supporting evidence
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    Annotate attachments to give a clearer picture of the issue

Why you will love KNOW

"KNOW is a great app for managing communication, process management, and training. Digital forms are a great tool to digitize paperwork dynamically. In a world where data is the new 'oil', KNOW is an engine par excellence to drive productivity forward!"

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