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Simple and pain-free

No surprises. No "gotchas". We just want you to get the best for your business.
Question 1

What platforms does it work on?

We support both Android and iPhones of all shapes and sizes. We even support Android phones that are over 8 years old! We are explicitly built to even work on extremely low featured Android phones.

Question 2

Will it cost me a lot?

That's the beauty of today's cloud software. You don't pay for any unnecessary cost - no IT cost, no server cost, no maintenance cost, nothing. You just pay a small subscription fee based on your usage. That's it. Oh, and all the upgrades are completely free so you can be assured you'll have an outstanding solution at all times.

Question 3

How long will it take to set up?

We can launch in as quickly as a few hours. For most clients, we conduct some training so that you get the best use of the product, so as long as we can arrange that, we can launch ASAP.

Question 4

Do I have to pay for all the features?

KNOW is modular, and you only pay for whatever functionality you need. If all you need is attendance and rostering, that's fine -- that's all you pay for. Of course, there are discounts as you increase the number of users or the features. We want all our customers to get the most benefit from the wonderful solution we have built.

Question 5

How will you support us?

We have global support wherever in the world you are. Our dedicated team will make sure you're well taken care of. Your success is our Number 1 priority. If you find something lacking, feel free to write to us -- even our CEO, Krish, reads literally every email that comes to!